Tidy house, tidy mind: Spring Cleaning and Interior Dreams

Recently, I’ve been on a bit of an interiors binge – oogling other people’s homes, shopping for accessories, drooling over in store displays. Since getting my own home, I’ve been much more into obsessing over interiors. And, Instagram, my trusty old addiction, doesn’t help, as I have a feed full of gorgeous homes popping up constantly. Seriously, I love house-snooping.

There is an element of interiors-obsessing I don’t like, and that’s the ‘never being satisfied’ bit of faffing. It seems I’m always on the hunt for ‘one more thing’ for that spot, or to finish the room off. I guess, being quite recently moved into a bare house, it’ll take time to add things and accumulate treasures, but I’m definitely happier with our home than I was a few months ago, given the extra effort we’ve put in to make it less bare. The new bookcase in the living room made a big difference, and although I’m still adding stuff, it’s made the room seem much more lived in.

The kitchen is another part of the house that I’ve been trying to improve. It’s not like we disliked the kitchen when we moved in, but we would have chosen something different if we had a choice. I’ve been trying to cosy it up a little – more homely touches that make it feel like our kitchen, rather than the previous owner’s.

Keeping the house clean and tidy is a challenge with two dogs and a very furry long-haired cat, but I’m forever motivated by the gorgeous snaps on instagram of cosy, clean homes. I always wondered how my mum has so much energy and motivation when keeping her home immaculate, and I’m starting to realise – there’s nothing more satisfying than a spotless room after it’s been cleaned.

I’d love to follow more pretty homes and interiors, so please say hi on Instagram or leave a comment so I can check out your page.

Beach Trip – The dogs first dip in the sea

In February, we took a visit down south to stay with family, the pup’s first little holiday. We were lucky enough to see some amazingly sunny weather, and with summer just around the corner, I’m reminiscing about warm days, the sound of waves and the sun glistening on the water. I realised I never shared the photos, even though there are only a few (I spent the morning taking videos of the dogs reaction to seeing the sea for the first time), it’s enough to make me long for the sea.

Luckily, the beach was fairly empty and we could allow the dogs off their leads to enjoy the sea unrestricted, which they loved. There’s nothing better than seeing puppies leap into the waves and chase each other in the shallow water…especially when the sun is beating down and the wind isn’t too chilly. I wish we didn’t live so far inland – trips to the beach (at least 3 hours away from where we live) are few and far between, but much loved when they happen. Now we have the dogs, it’d be lovely to spend more time at dog friendly beaches so they can enjoy the seaside too.

Bring on the summer! I love being outdoors, especially in the summer when carefree afternoons can be spent appreciating nature and getting some well needed vitamin D.

(Wellies are Emma Bridgewater too, of course….any excuse to wear them!) 


Dogs first snow day

I was so excited for the first snow of the year, mainly because I wanted to see what Dolly and Maggie’s reaction was to it! One evening last week, I went to bed when the snow was just starting to lightly fall, and the next morning I jumped out of bed to see if any had settled! I was thrilled to see a few inches of thick, untouched snow on the ground – just enough to get the wellies out and crunch through the snow!

The dogs first reaction was of confusion, followed by excitement! It didn’t take long before they were rummaging around with their noses in the snow and bouncing on each other in the garden. Snow seems to make them both pretty hyper!

After a quick explore around the garden, followed by puppy breakfasts, we decided to go for a walk. Despite them both wanting to play in the snow instead of a well behaved, calm walk, they soon settled down and had a lovely stroll with me around the neighbourhood. We’re lucky to live so close to fields and countryside so we stopped to take in the snowy landscape and frosted trees.

I love snow, for maybe a day…I think it’s so pretty when it’s untouched and beautifully white, but as soon as we had our little adventure in the snow, we all came home to warm up and was glad to see the snow had melted by the end of the day. It was also a great excuse to wear my Emma Bridgewater wellies I was given for my birthday…I am in love with how cute they are and they are super at keeping my feet toasty in the rain and snow!

I’m sure it won’t be our last snow day of the year and I’ll enjoy looking at how pretty it is when it’s here…but bring on summer! I can’t wait for another summer of long walks in the parks and fields, sun beating down, sunglasses on, shorts and t-shirts, and clean, non-soggy doggies!


My idea of a perfect, cosy winter

Summer will always be my favourite time of year, but there’s something so magical about cosying up in the dark, cold winter evenings with blankets, hot chocolates and puppies. I’m learning to appreciate all the seasons, even the wet, cold parts! Having the pups by my side, there’s nothing more refreshing than a crisp winter walk – my lovely EB wellies obviously help too!

Winter to me, is all about long hot baths, candles flickering and filling the house with warming scents, chunky soups, morning bowls of porridge, frosty mornings, hot chocolates with marshmallows…you get the picture!


Puppy walking at Wicksteed Park

For locals, Wicksteed Park is something of a landmark destination – I’m not sure anyone in Kettering could say they’ve never been…there are rides, playgrounds, amusement arcades and the famous Wicksteed Park train that goes around the park. It’s not quite on the same scale as Disney World, but it is one of the more impressive places to spend a day in Kettering, especially when the weather is great!

I hadn’t been for a few years…we used to go a few times a year to walk around the park, feed the ducks and check out some of the fairs for vintage records. They’ve recently done a lot of work on the park and really spruced it up, so we decided it’d be the perfect place to take the puppies for walks.

The first attempt was a little too wild for the puppies – a hot day in the half term holidays was too much excitement for our little dogs. Our evening walk last night was much better. The park was quiet, the weather was cool and the pups had fewer people to get excited about. They met a few big dogs, one of whom was a friendly whippet who came to say hello to our little ones – it’s nice that they are coming across other dogs to help develop their social skills. It was only their third walk in a public place and we’re already noticing improvements with their behaviour on the lead and around other dogs and people.

The park itself was beautiful last night. It had been a lovely day and the sun was just setting as we walked around the lake. We’ve just bought a season pass for the car park, so I imagine we’ll be spending a lot more time at the park with the dogs over the spring and summer months.

Photos from our Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was lovely – it’s been a while since I spent a few days offline and as I’d spent the last week at my computer all day combining order-making with getting the new website ready, I really needed a few days rest and some time away from the computer.

One of the exciting things about our weekend was that Maggie and Dolly could go on their first walk! They had their final puppy injections last weekend, which meant they could go out and play in the outside world this weekend! They spent the morning munching carrots in the garden, looking like true easter bunnies, and then went on their very first walk in the afternoon. While it’ll take a few more walks to get used to it, they seemed to enjoy their first venture out, with lots of sniffing nature and seeing other dogs who were also out on their Easter Sunday walks.

I was also quite excited about Easter Eggs, having picked up a really sweet Panda egg from Marks and Spencer for Mr Ruby Wren and I had a Dairy Free option from my mum for myself. I don’t often like dairy-free chocolate as it just doesn’t taste as good as the real milky stuff, so I was intrigued to try this Easter Egg from M&S. While you can definitely taste that it’s ‘dairy free’ it’s one of the better faux chocolates I’ve tasted! A little darker and bitter, compared to it’s dairy-filled alternative but definitely a good option for those of us avoiding dairy.

One thing I really love about Easter is the colours – lots of bright spring colours and gorgeous pastels. With the daffodils outside in full bloom, Spring really feels like it’s sprung! Summer is my absolute favourite month and now spring seems to be here, I know Summer is just around the corner! I can’t wait to take the puppies to the beach and country walks in the sunshine!





image    image




Meet Dolly and Maggie

Introducing the newest members of our little family, cockapoo puppies Dolly and Maggie! They’ve just turned 13 weeks old and are crazy, energetic, cheeky bundles of fluff!

We’re looking forward to sharing snippets of puppy cuteness and have set up an instagram for them so we can add photos and videos with the world. You can find them at dollymaggiecockapoo if you’re an avid instagrammer like myself.

So so cute!