Review: Asda Wonky Veg Box

Last week, I saw a sponsored post on Facebook, showing Asda’s new Wonky Veg Box. As someone who loves buying veg, eating more veg and shopping more ethically (and bargains) I was so excited to see my local Asda on the list of stores trialling the boxes. I used to get Abel and Cole boxes, which were great but I ended up spending far too much money on veg. So the concept of a mixed box of seasonal vegetables is something that I’ve been excited about before.

Asda’s box is a little different – it contains ugly, wonky and blemished vegetables and salad. We all know that wastage is a big problem, especially with supermarket ‘standards’ stopping wonky and odd fruit and veg actually reaching the shelves, so a Wonky box is a great way of helping produce get used where it normally might not.

The boxes cost £3.50 and contain at least 5 kilos of season veg and salad produce. My box contained:

1 cucumber

4 leeks

5 peppers

6 carrots

2 parsnips

1 cabbage

10 potatoes

24 onions (or there about!)

If you’re like me and love your hearty winter vegetables, this box is perfect for making stews and soups for a week. The best before date had about 5 days life too, so really good value.

It’s a great idea to promote a better attitude towards waste, although it would be even better for supermarkets to relax their standards of what makes a sellable piece of fruit or veg – the ‘wonky’ veg in my box were hardly different to the standard vegetables we usually buy, and for most of them we couldn’t work out what was ‘wrong’ with them. Some supermarkets have responded to Asda’s veg box in how they reduce their own wastage – Sainsbury’s response was my favourite, saying they use ‘ugly’ vegetables in their products, such as juices and pre-made mash potatoes.

However supermarkets want to address their waste issues (I’m sure there’s plenty of room for improvement regardless of what their press releases and sustainability blurb say), I’m really happy with the bargain £3.50 box from Asda – I’m sure if the trial is successful and they continue to provide the boxes, I’ll keep buying them.