Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette by Gwen Stefani, Make-up review

I was so excited to see that Gwen Stefani was doing a collaboration with Urban Decay. I adore Gwen, her style is impeccable and she is not afraid of being herself…and then Urban Decay, my current favourite makeup brand! A match made in heaven, in my opinion.

The Gwen palette contains 15 eyeshadows, a mix of naturals, darker shades and some bright colours, with mattes and shimmers a plenty! I half expected the colours to be a little wild, like Gwen herself, but I’m so pleasantly surprised that all the colours seem amazingly wearable and I think I’m going to get a lot of wear out of all of them. While I’ve not had chance to try all the shades yet, the ones I have tried are stunning, with great coverage and very stylish. Punk (the plum-brown shade) and danger (the electric blue) are more adventurous than I’d usually buy myself but I love them both. I was worried I’d look like a kid playing with makeup with those shades but they’re very classy and beautiful on, even with my limited application skills. I can imagine they’d look dramatic with a wet application and lots of eyeliner.

The case itself is also a thing of beauty – metal hardware and a lot of weight to it. It’s very substantial and hefty, a piece of art in itself. The tiny touches like the mirror which reads “magic’s in the makeup” is a lovely detail, along with the colours named after significant Gwen-isms, such as song titles (hello, bathwater!).

In an attempt to try my hand at contouring, I’ve also purchased the Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette in Native, which I’m looking forward to trying out and reviewing also!

Hopefully (photography selfie skills allowing) I’ll get some photos on of my Gwen inspired looks when I have more of a play with the eyeshadows. I got majorly excited when I found the samples of the Urban Decay x Gwen lipsticks…they will be amazing, I just know it!


What’s in my bag

I got a new bag the other day and I thought I’d do a ‘What’s in my bag’ post as I enjoy seeing what other people post about theirs. I’ve been using the same bag for years, a rather scruffy (but well loved!) vintage fringe bag…it’s very boho and I adore it, but I thought it was time to upgrade to something a bit smarter as sometimes my fringed bag feels a bit too ‘boho’. 

After much deliberation and deciding that a higher end Mulberry, YSL or Chanel bag was out of my price limit (a girl can dream, right?) I opted for a smart black ‘Selma’ by Michael Kors. I originally ordered the Selma Mini with a new purse to match, but when the bag arrived and the purse was the only thing that would fit in the mini, I returned it and chose the Selma Medium. 

I’m not usually one for designers or labels – I appreciate fashion from a distance (reading blogs and checking the news from Fashion week online) as my budget just would never stretch. But, having a beautiful bag arrive in the post and seeing the impressive quality, I can understand why people adore a little luxury! 

I enjoyed swapping my bag over and am so impressed at the amount of space in the Selma Medium. I am not the sort of person that lugs tonnes of stuff around, but I like to know I could fit my kindle or some snacks if I needed. 

What’s in my bag today…

My iPhone

Rayban sunglasses (they’re actually my sisters but I’ve somehow hijacked them seeing as she has to have prescription sunnies now)

Urban Decay Lipgloss – I love this lipgloss, it’s not too glossy or sticky, very natural looking. Most my makeup comes from Urban Decay as I like their products and they’re cruelty free! I use the shade ‘Naked’ which is a lovely neutral pink.

Chanel Lipstick – I’ve had this lipstick for years (probably too long) but I’ve recently fell back in love with it. The shade is Peregrina and it’s a pretty coral pink. I don’t wear it often but on special occasions, it’s so pretty.

My blue Jet Set Michael Kors purse – I ordered this when I first ordered the Selma mini as it was in the sale and I wasn’t expecting to be as in love with it as I am. It’s a beautiful light blue shade and feels amazingly luxurious. I’ve been using a coin purse with my cards stuffed in for years and it’s lovely to have something with card slots in!

My Emma Bridgewater tissues – I had to get some of my EB addition in somewhere! These were in the goodie bag we were given at the most recent event, the sample sale in May. They’re so cute, I might not ever use them!

There’s still tonnes of room left in the bag, so I’m very glad I swapped to the medium. Anything larger might have been too big for me, the medium is perfect!


Wishlisting Summer Fashion

It’s been really warm recently – it’s April and it feels like summer! I’ve been enjoying wearing t-shirts out, which is weird considering a few weeks ago I was wearing my winter coat, scarf and wooly hat. I even have a spot of a sun tan (and sun burn across my nose!)!

I doubt it’ll stay this nice for long, but while it’s sunny and warm, Summer is on my mind! My current wishlist is full of summer fashion wants and I’m drooling over those fringed boots. They’re like my dream boots and I’m resisting the urge to buy them as I’m on a strict no-frivolities spending ban right now. They would be perfect in the summer with denim shorts *drool*.

Arid Fringe Ankle Books from Topshop:32A36HTAN_large

Somedays Lovin’ Island Girl Floral Playsuit in Navy:


Free People Ami Embroidered Crossbody:9720fe8940f5a814461baa074702ffc1

Free People Mantra Beaded Bracelets:e97c2ca288e0e469904e15181eb24a2c

Free People Sundown Fringe Crossbody: f8807a97a584f6bb4677105de80e627f

Somedays Lovin’ Golden Fields Floral Tank in Pink:f9767fe305ffb61ea6a5b87f2034ee2a

Iron Maiden Tee by And Finally: