Wishlisting Summer Fashion

It’s been really warm recently – it’s April and it feels like summer! I’ve been enjoying wearing t-shirts out, which is weird considering a few weeks ago I was wearing my winter coat, scarf and wooly hat. I even have a spot of a sun tan (and sun burn across my nose!)!

I doubt it’ll stay this nice for long, but while it’s sunny and warm, Summer is on my mind! My current wishlist is full of summer fashion wants and I’m drooling over those fringed boots. They’re like my dream boots and I’m resisting the urge to buy them as I’m on a strict no-frivolities spending ban right now. They would be perfect in the summer with denim shorts *drool*.

Arid Fringe Ankle Books from Topshop:32A36HTAN_large

Somedays Lovin’ Island Girl Floral Playsuit in Navy:


Free People Ami Embroidered Crossbody:9720fe8940f5a814461baa074702ffc1

Free People Mantra Beaded Bracelets:e97c2ca288e0e469904e15181eb24a2c

Free People Sundown Fringe Crossbody: f8807a97a584f6bb4677105de80e627f

Somedays Lovin’ Golden Fields Floral Tank in Pink:f9767fe305ffb61ea6a5b87f2034ee2a

Iron Maiden Tee by And Finally: